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Brazilian Blowout is an amazing treatment for your hair containing Amino acids and Enymes. It is infused into the hair and sealed in for long lasting results. It is virtually chemical free and wears off at an even pace over a period fo 8-10 weeks. This is a treatment -- Not a chemical relaxer. Using the recommended after care products ensures your treatment lasts as long as it should.

The finer points:
You will eliminate the fuzz and frizz and be able to style your hair curly or straight with ease.
You will add incredible shine and gloss to your hair
Your hair will dry in virtually half the time it used to
 Curious? Call me now to book your appointment.

Enjoy the Brazilian Blowout Advantage:
All Clients receive a $50 discount on their first treatment.
Take the opportunity to sign up for the
Brazilian Blowout Plan and save.
Pay $75 per month and still save $25 on every treatment. That way by the time you are ready for your next treatment you have already paid for it.

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